Pool and Billiards For Recreation Space In A Community

1. Introduction

The community is a place where a small or large group of people meet with each other to spend their time. The members of the community share a common trait among them, it can be either same religion, social background, age, sex, occupation etc. In the community, each member contributes equally and lives with mutual understanding with one another They generally have a sense of belongingness in the community and share their problem with each other and try to live and enjoy every moment of their life. They often spent their time discussing their problems, current national and international issues, playing recreational games to either increase their knowledge, express their point of view and relax. Hence community shows the identity, values, and upbringing of a person. It helps in shaping the character and other aspects of a person’s behavior from childhood. Hence it is necessary for a community to behave properly and productively.

Community members improve the bonding and healthy relationship among its member communities have introduced various recreational activities which allow sits members to relax and discuss their problems with each other and resolve itMost of the communities have a small office or recreational hall. Hence, they mostly establish pool and billiards for the indoor games. These pools and billiards can be played by the four members at a single table. Both pool and billiards are played using pocket billiards and pocket. Where the players hit the pocket billiards with cue and try to pocket the balls for them. This requires high precision and accuracy to score pocket and score. The rule for both pool and billiards are different and they use a different number of balls. In the pool, there are 16 balls and including the cue ball, whereas in the billiards there are 2 cue balls and turn helps the red ball. Both the games are played on a different rule to pocket the balls.

2. Benefits

the pool and billiards games are generally played for the sun however they have much larger benefits. They help in developing high accuracy and precision. The players develop high concentration power and analytical skills which assists them in their day to day life. It promotes team bonding among the players and helps them relax. They say that the pool and billiards are fun and relaxing. The players have said that they become addicted to the game and never miss the chance to play the game. They have admitted to getting so addicted that they sometimes sneaking in a pool game. This game has proven to be a very important and beneficial indoor recreational activity for community members of all the age group, be it a child or an old man. It helps them in developing their interpersonal skills by encouraging communication among the player, enhance the game skills by increasing focus and concentration, which in turn helps them in the day to day life. Hence, it is important to keep the community members happy and free from any kind of stress and problem. Because when a person is happy, he will spread positive energy among the community and make other happy. This leads to a better mental and physical health of the group members. Which in turn makes them happy and they become more focused and work more efficiently. They contribute their role in making a better society. Hence, the quote that a happy citizen makes a better community stands true.