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Ottawa is a beautiful Canadian city and capital. It’s a top holiday destination with interesting things to do, see and explore. Ottawa is home to thrilling outdoor adventures, iconic landmarks for sightseeing, charming historic sites, and trendy spots for leisure, among others.

Whether you’ve been to Ottawa or not, it’s a perfect destination for tourists. Whether you’re from Ottawa, other parts of Canada, or the rest of the world, there’s something for everyone in this Canadian capital.

Ottawa houses the largest ice-skating rink worldwide that freezes naturally. Stretching over 4.8 miles and covering about 1.78 million ft2 in area, the Rideau Canal Skateway is larger than 85 skating rinks for the Olympics.


The UNESCO World Heritage Site freezes in winter and attracts thousands of tourists each year. With BeaverTails, hot chocolate, and other refreshments on offer at the site, tourists love spending time at this Canal.

Ottawa is also home to multiple festivals that occur each year. The city celebrates colorful, exciting and culture-rich festivals that take place in spring and summer.

Some parties, festivals, and events you can attend in Ottawa include the Canadian Tulip Festival (colorful) that occurs in February, the popular Winterlude, Canada Day, and the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, among others.

The cycling network of Ottawa is highly-scenic. The Capital Pathway Network covers more than 370 miles in pathways that traverse historic sites, gardens, museums, parks, etc.

You’ll find varied spots for bike hires if you intend to go hiking, bike riding, or even just for walks. The Cycling Route for Sightseeing passes through iconic landmarks for visitors to sightsee and explore.

Known for its amazing culinary options, you won’t go wrong with whatever food you pick from a restaurant menu. The immense scene of food is attributed to the diverse culture of Canadians.

World-class restaurants offer fine dining and local and/or international cuisines from around the world. The city also offers tasty food trucks, Riviera restaurant, street food, and grocery markets retailing local snacks.

At Ottawa Eco District, we work hard to ensure that visitors to this capital city know what it has to offer. It has captivating cultural institutions such as galleries, museums and others to teach culture, art and history.

For example, the Canadian Museum of History displays more than 1,500 artifacts across about 15,000 categories, atop being rich in history. Similarly, the Canadian National Gallery features a world-class collection of European and Canadian artworks.

Other fun and interesting things about Ottawa include shopping centers and markets like the ByWard Market, walking tours at the Haunted Walk of Ottawa, and the Canadian Museum of Nature (for zoology, nature art, geological, and fossil collection).

You can also explore Parliament Hill for art and history. Winter sports, local delicacies, picnics at local parks, plays and drama at the Ottawa Little Theatre, and museums rich in history and authentic artifacts are also available in abundance.

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