5 Businesses Driving the Ottawa Economy

Ottawa is the capital of Canada.

It lies close to the U.S. border, east of southern Ontario and near the Montreal city.

Parliament Hill sits at the core of the Ottawa city with grand Victorian architecture and museums housing notable Canadian art and indigenous collections.

The Ottawa Convention Centre becomes a trading pit as Canadian Tourism Commission’s international tourism marketplace generates hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. (CNW Group/Canadian Tourism Commission)

Ottawa sits on the Ottawa River and boasts the park-lined Rideau Canal with ice-skaters in winter and boats in summer.

High tech and the federal government are the top drivers of the Ottawa economy, contributing over 37% of the GDP.

Other contributors include businesses in various sectors such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Business services.

Whether you’re doing a study of Ottawa, planning to start a business in the city or just want to learn more about your next holiday destination, there’s so much to learn. Here’re 5 businesses driving the Ottawa economy today:

Top 5 Businesses Driving the Economy of Ottawa

1) Shopify

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows anyone from anywhere in the world to open an online shop to sell and ship products. The platform is accepted worldwide and powers over a million businesses from around the globe.

The business model for Shopify is based on subscriptions where businesses pay a fee every month to keep their businesses online.  They enjoy the ease of setting up an ecommerce shop to sell just about anything they want.

Shopify also makes it easy for people who want to start dropshipping businesses. This business model allows you to sell products without holding any inventory, explaining its popularity.  

2) Canada Wheels

Canada Wheels was founded in 2012 by Saleh Taebi. It’s an ecommerce store that helps car owners to purchase car rims, tires and accessories. Taebi started out with helping people purchase rims online and has gradually expanded his business to offer more.

Choose the make of your car on the Canada Wheels website to start your shopping navigation. You can then filter the results by model and year of manufacture amongst other filters.

Next, you’re directed to the nearest warehouse for easy and quick shipping.

In 2019, Canada Wheels was named the 7th fastest growing company in Ottawa, with a growth rate of 1392% over five years from 2013 to 2018. Projections show that the business will continue to grow and even expand out of Canada.

3) Giatec Scientific

Giatec Scientific Inc. is a business that’s busy revolutionizing the construction industry. The company provides innovative concrete testing technologies. It has developed smart technologies used in real time monitoring of concrete properties.

The technologies are based on artificial intelligence and IoT, amongst other modern technologies. The firm has registered significant growth over the years as more people in construction see the benefits of using its technology.

The company also has developed a non-destructive testing technology that can be used in assessment of infrastructure and durability analysis of concrete projects. Applications of the technologies occur on jobsites that use concrete.

4) House of Fine Carpentry

House of Fine Carpentry is a renowned carpentry and woodworking business that has been operating in Ottawa since 2004. The company provides all carpentry and woodworking services you may need for your home or business.

The company attributes its success in carpentry to its business process. The process starts with designing. Here, designers sit with clients to put their dreams on paper. The designing is done in-house from where it’s sent to the manufacturing team.

The manufacturing team is a success because of its commitment to using quality materials and the latest equipment. To handle big projects, the company needs machines such as contractor table saws and router tables.

A good contractor table saw, especially one with a dependable hand-wheel is a great investment because it makes handling of wood easy and quick even for large projects.

A router table is used to hold a router. It allows the woodworker to use the router at many different angles. It allows for easy assemble of required items.

After manufacturing, installation of the items is done, paying absolute attention to detail. The installers are professional and courteous.

The company has also invested in the latest machines to push projects quickly and effectively for timely delivery.

5) Watersedge Dental Laboratory

This dental business was founded in 2013 by Robert Waters. It’s a full service dental lab that produces dental appliances and restorations for dentists in Ottawa and beyond.

Guided by the vision of ensuring that dentists stay calm so they can focus on their patients, Watersedge offers outstanding customer support and impeccable services to its clients.

The company offers a wide array of services including:

  • Dental implants
  • Removable restorations
  • Orthodontics
  • All ceramics
  • Full metal restorations
  • Custom shade and stain, amongst others.

Clearly, Ottawa is home to many businesses, both big and small, that keep the economy running.

The businesses also span a wide array of industries, which makes the Ottawa economy quite stable. When one sector of the economy gets affected, the rest may remain strong to keep things going.

Which other businesses in Ottawa do you know that are making a change?

Ottawa Council

he Ottawa Based office of Canada Council for the Arts is located in Performance Court at 150 Elgin Street. The 360,000 square foot LEED Gold, Class A Certified office tower is located in the core of Ottawa’s business district (the EcoDistrict). The building was award winning from its inception.

Canada Council chose Performance Court to house their Ottawa Office and took their commitment to sustainability one step further, they achieved Gold LEED Interior Certification. Council’s stated values were found to connect to many aspects of the LEED points system making the decision easy. While working with their employees, the Council created plans to improve the office space. Many aspects of the original office were refurbished and recycled to be used in the new office space.

The beautiful office space provides each employee with a view to the exterior of the building and allowed for natural light in through open vistas. The office also has low VOC (volatile organic compounds) finishes as well as systems that provide climate comfort.

Different Game Tables That Can Be Provided In Public Parks For The Community To Enjoy

With the advancements of technology in modern-day, people are hooked to their gadgets and do not do the simple things anymore like going to the local public park. Public parks used to be full of people who were enjoying their day. Nowadays, you see fewer and less people. With the introduction of game tables to public parks, more people would potentially visit their parks more often. There would be many different game tables in the park so that there would be fun table games for everyone. This would encourage more people to get outside and have a healthier lifestyle.

One table game that could be built is a pool table. Pool would be a great park game for 2 people who have a free day. The balls are very sturdy so there would be no problems playing this game outdoors and having a great time. The pool also does not require much physical labor so people of all ages would be able to use and enjoy a pool table.

Another game table that could be a great addition to public parks is a ping pong table. Everyone loves ping pong. Ping pong is a great game that would certainly drive people to go to the park and play. Better yet, ping pong can be played as short or as long as people want because you can adjust the score that you are playing to.

Another game table that public parks could put in is a foosball table. No matter how many people you bring with you, foosball is a great game. This is because you can play a normal game of foosball with 2 to 8 people. Foosball is a very fun and competitive game that people of all ages could play with.

Shuffleboard courts are also great game tables for public parks to implement. This is because shuffleboard is very unique to all of the other game tables. Therefore, if someone is specific and only likes certain games, they may be a fan of shuffleboard. Also, shuffleboard is liked generally more by older people than kids. Therefore, they may also enjoy playing shuffleboard.

Another game that public parks could build is an air hockey table. Many kids love air hockey because it reminds them of arcades. Air hockey would definitely drive kids to go to their local park more often.

With these tables, towns could hold local tournaments with small prizes for anyone who would want to participate. They could hold a tournament on any of the game tables because people tend to enjoy those types of games. These tournaments allow for the aspect of community to be embraced more in many towns. These game tables would last very long and only provide benefits to communities. Parks will have more people in them, people would get out of their houses more often, and a general sense of health and community would be present. Game tables at public parks is a good way to try and reverse the takeover of electronics in people’s mind. If a park with the abovementioned game tables will be well-maintained, this is built to last and is a great investment in the community.

How to Make Woodworking Sustainable

Wood is a living thing, and as such we should treat it with utmost respect. Nature has provided us with an invaluable resource to make our lives better and comfortable. With this in mind we should figure out how to use this vital resource in a sustainable manner.

Trees are sacrificed for the comfort of our existence and the skills applied to the handling of wood should be as minimally invasive to the environment as possible. Sustainability of wood begins with the harvesting of timber. Mother Nature will keep us alive if we treat her well. Like the hunter gatherers of old; only take what you need from the forests. Always plan the harvest of wood according to specific needs, so as to preserve the remaining trees for future use and even future generations.

Reforestation is a big cog in the wheel of sustainability in the woodworking value chain. As my father used to say ‘When you cut down one tree plant two in its place’. This should be a rallying mantra for all people in the woodworking industry so they can extend the length of their businesses by making their main material sustainable. This will help future our forests to flourish and help repair scars left by wood harvesting.



is a big cog in the wheel of sustainability in the woodworking value chain. As my father used to say ‘When you cut down one tree plant two in its place’. This should be a rallying mantra for all people in the woodworking industry so they can extend the length of their businesses by making their main material sustainable. This will help future our forests to flourish and help repair scars left by wood harvesting.

Woodworking is an art. In the hands of a skilled artisan, wood can be turned into an item that even Pablo Picasso would be proud of Beautifully crafted wood has been used to even adorn the courts of Kings and Presidents. An answer to sustainable woodworking should be proper training of artisans. Strict examinations should be conducted so that no half-baked carpenter should even be allowed to look at a tree. Such measures should streamline the industry and provide higher pay for these skilled workers. The humble tree has just put more money in a deserving pocket.

Wood is a vital building material. If used well there will be less wastage and the forest gets to live another day. These construction sites have also provided the raw material for a new niche category business; reclaimed wood sales. As a function of sustainability waste wood from job sites is collected and sold on to bespoke furniture makers.

I have a friend who has a love affair with sustainable woodworking. He would design a table on his computer and then enter his truck and go salvaging planks of wood from building sites. He would pick pieces and begin to build the table like a jigsaw puzzle. Trim edges with no hassles using shaving tools and then tuned the trimmed pieces into something. The finished product was an amazing piece with a shimmering finish, a sight to behold.

This cycle of forest to an upcycled product should be etched in us to be able to enjoy woodworking as a necessity and an art form.

I think I am going to take time and go and visit the reclaimed woodworker today I have learned a vital lesson. For the woodworking industry to flourish it has to be sustainable.

How Sump Pump Can Help Prevent Flooding At Home

Many homeowners may not see the importance of having a sump pump simply because their basement has never been flooded; they believe that purchasing a sump pump is wasting their money. The ugly truth is that if you own a home and it has a basement, it is best to have a sump pump for your basement before the need arises. Prevention is always better.

These pumps save many property owners many bucks by protecting the basement and, later, the home, the furnace, perhaps the laundry and the some stored equipment. Almost every person with a home that has a basement, whether it’s a basement or a crawling space, requires a sump pump. Besides relieving flooding, these pumps also assist in keeping the basement moisture at a low level, reducing the risk of mold building up in your basement. Basements that are wet tend to be a fertile ground for other issues, such as cracked floors, rust, cracked floors, and peeling paint.

Currently, the installation of the sump pumps includes a battery backup system for homeowners with sump pumps that use electricity. Contractors will always explain the reason for this back-up system. The most important is the loss of energy that can have disastrous consequences. Even in a basement that is flooded, the backup system continues to operate with the ability to pump water from your building for some time without power.

Before you make your mind to go for a sump pump, you have to be sure about the size of the pump pit. A good number of homes always have the pit where the sump will be installed in place. So the first thing to do if you don’t have a sump pit is to have somebody dig for you if you cannot do it yourself.

After you have dug next is to establish the pit diameter. If the size of the width is not more than fourteen inches, then you can opt for a sump that uses a diaphragm switch or a mechanical float. On the other hand, if your sump pit diameter is more than fourteen inches you can go for either tethered or automatic switches,

In the market, there are various types of high-quality sump pumps you can choose from No matter the brand or the quality you purchase the fact remains that your basement is well protected from flooding. Like any other machine or equipment sump pumps also need to be well maintained for maximum performance. Service your sump pump at least once a year. Engage the float manually in checking if the motor is functioning properly and remove water or any dirt that may have collected in the pit or around the switch and float.ln case of those pumps run by batteries always make sure they are fully charged because you never knew when thunder would strike.

If homeowners would take good care of their sump pumps as is always the case with their vehicles, they could save themselves from stress and money. Restoring your home after water damage is not an easy task. Preventing the problem by regularly checking the state of their sump pumps should be on their spring to-do list annually.

Tips To Make Toilet and Bath Room Eco-Friendly

Regardless of whether your bathroom is a spa-style bathroom or a purely functional space, you can make any changes to make it more environmentally friendly. These makeup tips will help you save water, remove unwanted toxins from your home and create a more natural bathroom environment.

If your budget allows it, you can start remodeling your gadgets. Look for a low-flow toilet and shower head -both will save you water and instantly update the bathroom.

For small changes, here are some simple ecological ideas for making bathroom accessories to have the required hygiene.

Choose bamboo shelves instead of laminated wood to prevent unwanted toxins from entering your bathroom. Many wood materials, such as chipboard or plywood, contain formaldehyde and are often also treated with a polyurethane finish. These chemicals release toxins into the air for five years. However, unfinished bamboo works well in a humid environment, such as a bathroom, and looks naturally beautiful without the need for harmful chemicals.

Use paints that do not emit gas. Currently, there are many brands of paints that do not emit volatile organic compounds. As with furniture, these volatile organic compounds are dangerous toxins that you do not need a horn. Environmental friendliness is definitely convenient for people when it comes to painting and furniture decoration!

Get rid of the less plastic containers. The new plastic fragrance that accompanies these materials is a sure sign that chemicals are released into the exhaust gases. Instead, choose a hemp fabric with a shower curtain, which is based on a tight weave, creating a water barrier, not a line. In addition, hemp has a natural resistance to bacteria and fungi, which is ideal in rooms with high humidity.

Look for natural, organic fibers for your towels. Certified cotton organic towels are made of cotton grown without the use of pesticides and produced without the use of harsh chemicals. You will find that organic cotton towels are softer and more absorbent than cotton grown under normal conditions. Among other environmentally friendly fibers are organic bamboo and hemp, which absorb moisture well, making them ideal for bathrooms. Also, add a tankless water heater to make your bathroom eco-friendly.

Consider the bamboo toothbrush as the last ascent. If you exchange a toothbrush as often as your dentist recommends, send all plastic waste that you add to the landfill. Instead, you can compost bamboo toothbrushes. Another option is the purchase of recycled plastic brushes that can be sent to the manufacturer for further processing, when you need to replace them, bypassing the dump.

It’s easy to clean the toilet by using vinegar and baking soda. You can pour about half a cup of vinegar into the toilet. Leave it for 30 minutes to give him time to work. The acidity of vinegar makes it an effective cleaning agent. Large spots can be softened and effectively removed.

Trash cans for the bathroom can also be a problem. They can smell the scent after a short time You must empty the trash containers as often as necessary. Leaking a small amount of baking soda through the basket can help hide the unpleasant smell. But, of course, you must regularly wash and clean the trash cans.

Pool and Billiards For Recreation Space In A Community

1. Introduction

The community is a place where a small or large group of people meet with each other to spend their time. The members of the community share a common trait among them, it can be either same religion, social background, age, sex, occupation etc. In the community, each member contributes equally and lives with mutual understanding with one another They generally have a sense of belongingness in the community and share their problem with each other and try to live and enjoy every moment of their life. They often spent their time discussing their problems, current national and international issues, playing recreational games to either increase their knowledge, express their point of view and relax. Hence community shows the identity, values, and upbringing of a person. It helps in shaping the character and other aspects of a person’s behavior from childhood. Hence it is necessary for a community to behave properly and productively.

Community members improve the bonding and healthy relationship among its member communities have introduced various recreational activities which allow sits members to relax and discuss their problems with each other and resolve itMost of the communities have a small office or recreational hall. Hence, they mostly establish pool and billiards for the indoor games. These pools and billiards can be played by the four members at a single table. Both pool and billiards are played using pocket billiards and pocket. Where the players hit the pocket billiards with cue and try to pocket the balls for them. This requires high precision and accuracy to score pocket and score. The rule for both pool and billiards are different and they use a different number of balls. In the pool, there are 16 balls and including the cue ball, whereas in the billiards there are 2 cue balls and turn helps the red ball. Both the games are played on a different rule to pocket the balls.

2. Benefits

the pool and billiards games are generally played for the sun however they have much larger benefits. They help in developing high accuracy and precision. The players develop high concentration power and analytical skills which assists them in their day to day life. It promotes team bonding among the players and helps them relax. They say that the pool and billiards are fun and relaxing. The players have said that they become addicted to the game and never miss the chance to play the game. They have admitted to getting so addicted that they sometimes sneaking in a pool game. This game has proven to be a very important and beneficial indoor recreational activity for community members of all the age group, be it a child or an old man. It helps them in developing their interpersonal skills by encouraging communication among the player, enhance the game skills by increasing focus and concentration, which in turn helps them in the day to day life. Hence, it is important to keep the community members happy and free from any kind of stress and problem. Because when a person is happy, he will spread positive energy among the community and make other happy. This leads to a better mental and physical health of the group members. Which in turn makes them happy and they become more focused and work more efficiently. They contribute their role in making a better society. Hence, the quote that a happy citizen makes a better community stands true.

Why Go Charcoal-Less in Cooking?

Charcoal has been used for a long time in cooking. In fact, many societies continue to use this source of energy. However, it is common knowledge that using charcoal is not the most eco-friendly way to cook. This is perhaps the major downside to using charcoal. Charcoal is mainly produced from trees that have been cut down. This logging is many times illegal. Even when logging is legal in some places, cutting trees at a mass scale is detrimental to the environment. Therefore, when you choose charcoal, you will be promoting the wanton cutting down of trees. Growing trees to maturity literally take years and replacing the lost trees is a painstaking process. Below are other reasons why you should consider charcoal-less cooking.

When cooking with charcoal, you will have about 30 to 45 minutes of sustained temperature for the coal to reach its peak. This means that you will have to add more charcoal and wait until the temperatures are right. If you are having a barbecue, this becomes highly inconvenient. Thankfully, there is numerous electric smoker pulled pork recipes that you can use. This is if you are looking for excellent ways to make pulled pork. You do not have to compromise on the cooking process and such a smoker makes everything easy. Charcoal can be produced from various materials and in many cases, cheap charcoal will contain dirt and debris that cannot be used. Also, handling charcoal is not a clean process; you have to grapple with the darkening dust which can affect your health in the long term.

Compared to an electric smoker, charcoal will leave a lot of ash. If you are cooking often, this can create a huge pile that can be hard to deal with. Therefore, if you want to cook in a modern way where you do not have to handle unwanted residue, going charcoal-less is the best way. Some people will have a hard time lighting charcoal. This is because it needs fuel like gasoline to lightfast. If you are using manual tools, it may take more time than you desire. Also, cleaning after charcoal can be a daunting process; you can overcome this by using a cleaner source of energy.

Many times, because it is hard to adjust the temperature of charcoal, you will have to use indirect heating agents so that you achieve the right cooking results. This is difficult especially for people who are not used to cooking with charcoal. It needs a lot of experience to fully monitor temperatures while cooking. You also know that charcoal greatly increases the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, you must always be vigilant because carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless. Charcoal has to be used in places that have enough ventilation. Keep in mind that the charcoal fire can get out of hand and escalate the problem.

The good news is that there are many options and alternatives to charcoal. Electric and gas cookers can do a much better job when it comes to safety and temperature control. Going forward, eco-friendly approaches to cooking are more sustainable. This way, people and the environment are protected.