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Why should I visit Ottawa?

Ottawa is home to beautiful sceneries, attractions, museums, friendly locals, a rich culture, and fun outdoor activities, among other amazing sites

What’s Ottawa best known for?

Ottawa was founded in 1857 and it’s home to over 14 museums, with the most popular being the Canadian Museum of Civilization. It also hosts over 35 festivals annually, with the most famous being the Canadian Tulip Festival

Is Ottawa worth visiting?

Unlike Montreal and Toronto, Ottawa is smaller, but more laidback with beautiful gardens. It also has museums, multiple festivals, a parliament building, and offers Poutine, making it worth visiting.

What’s the name of Ottawa residents?

The residents, natives or inhabitants of Ottawa are commonly known as Ottawans. However, the term is often used informally in magazines and newspapers.


Our vision is to become a leading resource for information about Ottawa. We also seek to increase Ottawa’s economic power through tourism.


The mission of Ottawa Eco District is to promote the city of Ottawa locally and internationally and bring in more tourists.

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